Joshua Niforatos, MD, MTS
Joshua Niforatos, MD, MTS
Research Section Editor

Joshua is a Resident Physician in Emergency Medicine at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. His interests include health services research and meta-research, cultural anthropology, history of medicine, and theology. He received his medical degree from the five-year physician investigator training program at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. Before medical school, he attended seminary at Boston University School of Theology where he earned his Master of Theological Studies with a focus in theology, philosophy, and ethics.


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Breaking News: Immune-suppressed patients may be contagious with covid-19 for weeks or longer. Guidelines may need changing
New trial of convalescent plasma for covid-19 falls flat, another setback for hyped treatment (breaking)
Trial of convalescent plasma for covid-19 falls flat, another setback for hyped treatment
Hydroxychloroquine still doesn't work for covid-19 prevention
Older adults with covid-19 may have delirium as the only presenting symptom
Baricitinib and tocilizumab results by press release and Twitter release?
Randomized clinical trial of mask use in Denmark yields equivocal results
Moderna announces interim covid-19 vaccine data – reports 94.5% effectiveness (breaking)
Moderna announces interim covid-19 vaccine data; reports 94.5% effectiveness
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Repurposed antiviral drugs unable to lower covid-19 mortality, interim WHO study finds
Covid-19 in primary care practices
First proven covid-19 reinfection described in detail. Is this likely to be common?
Final remdesivir results published after 139 days of waiting (breaking)
Final remdesivir results published after 139 days of waiting
Disparities in COVID-19 Testing and Infection Across Language Groups
Outcomes in military veterans with covid-19
More evidence hydroxychloroquine is ineffective in covid-19
Tracking covid-19 infections through donated blood
Suicidal thoughts on the rise during the covid-19 pandemic
Poor outcomes associated with obesity and hypertension, even in young adults
Risk of contracting covid-19 in hospitals with dedicated covid-19 units appears low
Publication rate and journal review time of covid-19 research papers
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The Lancet has unexpectedly lifted an embargo on a remdesivir trial (breaking)
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