The Lancet has unexpectedly lifted an embargo on a remdesivir trial

The move comes in response to contradictory news from other studies.

Joshua Niforatos, MD, MTSJeremy Samuel Faust, MD, MS, MA
Research Section Editor is first to report that The Lancet has released findings from a remdesivir trial from China earlier than planned, specifically in response to data being circulated in the media today.

This study was a randomized control trial, conducted in China. While it was suspended because of inadequate recruitment, the data show that patients who received remdesivir had no significant clinical improvement.

Last week, leaked data from this trial appeared to show that patients who received the drug, made by Gilead, died at similar rates as those receiving placebo, and that viral counts were also unchanged. These findings are in contrast to another study published today which found that patients on the drug were more likely to leave the hospital sooner. A plan to assess the drug's effect on mortality and need for mechanical ventilation as that study's main outcome was recently abandoned.

Statement from The Lancet:

Following today's release of the topline findings from other studies on remdesivir, we considered it important for the full data in our paper to be made available immediately to ensure any public discussion on the effectiveness of the drug is based on the best available evidence. We therefore decided to lift the embargo ahead of the planned publication time.

We will publish a fuller analysis shortly.