Lauren Westafer, DO, MPH
Lauren Westafer, DO, MPH

Dr. Westafer is an Emergency Physician in Springfield, MA. After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts degree in Middle Eastern History from University of North Carolina, she attended medical school at Nova Southeastern University where she also earned a Masters in Public Health. She then went on to complete an Emergency Medicine residency at Baystate Medical Center, where she was chief resident. Dr. Westafer is currently a research fellow, pursuing a Masters in Clinical Science at Tufts University and working as a clinical instructor with the University of Massachusetts Medical School at Baystate Medical Center.

She has lectured internationally on the topics of small bowel obstruction ultrasound, FOAM, evidence based medicine, and concussions.

Dr. Westafer has been heavily involved in the Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAM) movement since its inception and blogs at The Short Coat with 500,000 page views and co-founded an award winning podcast, FOAMcast, that has over 400,000 downloads.


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