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The immovable object for herd immunity
Fighting to preserve telehealth in the post-pandemic era
The final push to reach vaccination goal in the US
Most vulnerable saw mildest gain in vaccination rates
Expanded federal support for coronavirus testing
New funding for pediatric mental health announced under American Rescue Plan
Some vaccine sites have closed, complicating the march towards the end of the pandemic
Vaccination uncertainty for people with compromised immune systems complicates return to normal
Paying for long-hauler care among covid-19 survivors
White House to invest in public health. Details of the American Rescue Plan unveiled
Uber and Lyft: But for Uber and Lyfting you to a vaccine center
Renewed push for healthcare provider litigation protection during the pandemic
Herd immunity seen as less likely. US seeks more modest goals for pandemic management
Changes sought to address missed coronavirus vaccine doses
New CDC guidance on public masking
Slowing vaccination rate may mean trouble for herd immunity
Biden administration moves to financially incentive vaccination
Coverage from above for coronavirus vaccines
US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigating breakthrough infections
US approaching full vaccine eligibility
Pfizer seeks expansion of emergency use authorization for its vaccine
An end to mask reuse? CDC and FDA move away from recycling guidance, as shortages end
Medicare and Medicaid starts to collect payments from its pandemic hospital lifeline program
Vaccine mandates for healthcare workers
Federal government investing in evidence
US Food and Drug Administration further expands testing availability
With 100 million vaccine doses given, Biden announces goal to have "90/90" percent plan
You've been vaccinated. Do you need a vaccine passport?
New Inspector General report shows healthcare system on the brink
Speed isn't everything in vaccine rollout
CDC updates school distancing guidance
Interim guidance on changes in CDC procedures
Trusted sources needed for new pools of vaccine hesitancy.
No good deed goes unpunished in federal spending
Combatting vaccine disparity in underserved communities
FDA rejects ivermectin, despite growing interest in some corners of the internet
Senate stimulus slimmer in some ways, fatter in others
Warp Speed at a cost
Narrow majority means new limitations for stimulus check eligibility
New rapid saliva-based test receives FDA approval
New CDC guidance on ventilation in schools and child care centers
FDA issues new guidance on developing vaccines that cover variants
New guidelines for payment protection program
FDA cracks down on fraudulent coronavirus cures
Battling for vaccine acceptance via social media
CDC releases guidance on opening schools
New Emergency Use Authorization for covid-19 therapeutics
Changes at the CDC to revitalize reputation
Strengthening of federal-local vaccination program
New Emergency Use Authorization for covid-19 therapeutics
Changes at the CDC to revitalize reputation
Managing the second pandemic---information overload!
Shifting sands of vaccine allocation and testing. Increased production and redistributions mean the vaccine may be coming to a pharmacy near you
Expansion of at-home testing program in the US on the horizon. What's the hold up?
National mask requirement for public transit goes into effect tonight. CDC's previous guidance now a mandate
The difficulties of epidemiologic data
Behavior changes only work if you do them. New data shows we are slipping in our efforts
Provider Relief Fund registration now open
Executive orders a-plenty to support new national pandemic strategy
New details of national vaccine rollout plan
Empty words spell real consequences for vaccination rollout plans
An in-depth analysis of Biden’s proposed stimulus package (breaking)
Next phase of vaccination exacerbates disparities
New testing requirement for travelers to US
New pandemic funding for state agencies
Biden announces federal vaccination plan
Maximizing vaccine uptake
Feds emphasize sticking to the existing vaccine timeline and dosing strategy
Moving the wrong direction on decarceration. De facto death sentences adding up