Boston University School of Medicine Becomes First School Outside New York to Offer Students Early Graduation

Information about how medical students can rejoin the clinical team upon early graduation has not been provided.

Kimberly Chernoby, MD, JD, MA
Policy Section Founder

Brief19 has obtained an email sent out by the dean’s office of Boston University School of Medicine offering early graduation for fourth year medical students who are eager to join the front line of physicians fighting against SARS-nCoV-2.

In the email, the University anticipates being able to offer graduating fourth year medical students the opportunity to graduate as early as April 10th. It is unclear if the students would then be hired on in an intern role at Boston University or released to their future residency programs where they have already matched.

The fourth-year medical students appreciate the certainty that they will be able to rejoin the clinical team. One student said “we don’t know if our affiliated hospital has any intent to invite graduated M4s back to the wards, but this move ensures that no M4 will have their degree completion at risk due to COVID19 curricular disruptions.”

To our knowledge this marks the first time a School of Medicine outside of New York has offered early graduation to its medical students. New York is the current epicenter of covid-19 in the United States, but the disease is anticipated to spread to other parts of the country in the next several weeks. We expect that other medical schools across the country will begin to follow suit.